Take action


                                                                   TAKE ACTION IN YOUR LIFE


I have come to understand and accept a few truths in my life.  One of them is that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, whether it is good, or if it is bad.  My thoughts, my feelings, and my actions have created my life.  Oh, I know!  You say, well, what about this, or what about that?  Surely I am not responsible for everything that has ever happened.

No, you are not, and I am not, responsible for every little thing that has ever transpired in the universe.  There are many layers to that philosophical idea, and I don’t mean to get into that today.  But to paraphrase Albert Einstein, he once stated that doing the exact same thing day after day, and yet expecting something different to happen, was his definition of true insanity.  What I mean is take responsibility for thinking about, and noticing, the results which come from those actions that I do perform.  Take responsibility for those thoughts that I allow to circle around and around in my head, day after day, year after year, that perhaps make me feel down, or incompetent, or angry.  And by take responsibility I mean, do something about it.  If it hasn’t worked for me the last two hundred times I thought it, said it, or did it, then change it.  Be bold.  Try something new.  Take responsibility for creating a new reality for myself, if the old one just doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, hasn’t gotten me where I want to go–change it.   

It took me many years to understand this concept, but once I did, then everything fell into place.  I have used many tools to get me out of the rut I used to call my life.    I did not trust people for a long time I believed they were evil, mean and out to take whatever money I had made in my great life. I actually shied away from talking to people I felt that they had nothing important to discuss with me.  I then purchased this book from mark HamiltonMark talked about love and Honesty he deliver everything he promised in his literature.  My biggest break though  was when I meet other  like minded indivuals  who thought like  I thought  and then  everything changed for me

Now I am making money the good, old-fashioned way.  I have started one business, which is well on its way to success, and am currently in the process of starting up another business with one of my daughters.  I have taken the bull by the horns.  I used integrated thinking to discern which business ideas were most likely to be successful, and then used it to lay out a step by step plan to get me from here to there.  I’ve learned that if I wait for someone else to accomplish my goals for me nothing will ever happen.  Expecting the government to help out also means it will never get accomplished.   I know for a fact that I must be the person to initiate the action.

March is traditionally the month when we feel the winds of change blowing.  Make it the month of Change for Your Life.  Be the Change that you want to see.  Create the changes in our world that we need.  Many people are feeling disgusted with the way politicians and bankers and corporations are mistreating everyone and everything on this great planet.  People are starting to wake up and see through the mass illusions spun by television and corporate-bought and paid for newspapers and radio shows that now tell only the “truth we’re allowed to tell,” rather than “all the news worth telling.”  People are realizing that there is plenty of money, if the greedy weren’t taking it all and reaping–or is that raping–all the benefits, while purposely leaving We the People to financially, physically and morally struggle for a few leftover scraps.

I see the need for change in the eyes of so many workers who are not happy with their present jobs.  They are not living the life they were meant to live, they are not given the opportunity to truly be the person they were born to be.  Once all the people are living as who they were meant to be, and creatively working at what they do best, then our country will again be great.  We will start building and creating again, rather than slowly deteriorating.  Right now, most people are working jobs that are going nowhere and producing nothing but stagnation for their lives.  It is time to take back our lives, take responsibility and control.  Become the Self Leader you were meant to be.  There is one other concept that is important to understand here, and that is, accept no initiatory force against your self or against other people.   This is a concept worth exploring in a whole new article.  I’ll leave that for next time.  Know that as a leader, it is your responsibility to make things happen in your life, and that, My Friends, is where all the joy and excitement comes from!  


Ian Scott

This was a presentation that I gave at the Neothink summit in New Jersey on 09/25/2016.  this was my thoughts concerning  Dr. Ian Scott

Hello my fellow Homo sapiens my name is Dr. Ian Scott and I am a scientist my essence is to be a scientist, and I have always wanted to be a scientist. A teacher in the third grade at cheektawawa, at Duncan Grade school let me know that I could do and be anything that I wanted to be. I remember a time when on a field trip with my teacher and her name is miss Annabelle, and as I lay on my back looking up at the stars I realize how vast how huge and how great the universe was. So my career was set, my goals were enormous I considered it my honor and my duty to help eradicate death and to prove that there were other beings in the universe and we were just a small cog in that concept. Oh and by the way along with two other of my classmates I received the Nobel Peace Prize for science. This was an achievement in itself and one of which I was very proud to be the recipient of this great award.

I worked on overlay charts to prove that the universe was conceived by what we call Zons. Computers did almost all of the analysis for me. All I had to do was feed the information into the computer and they would scientifically help me calculate the concepts of the universe. As a scientist I know that we are all energy and that our energy even if we die is in the universe.


I know that to completely eradicate death that our current Political paradigm would need to change and this is where the Twelve vision Party and the prime law would be the catalyst to depolarize our current government.  I would need to discover how to save a person’s Inness into a Quantum Computer and then transfer it into a clone.  This would take many,many experiments to achieve.  My main participant was a young lady name Christina who had a brilliant brain, and was in complete control of her mind.

Due to a catastrophe accident a young boy name Donnie lost his life in a freak accident he drowned when a drain filled up with water and he fell and drown in a few inches of water, this was one of my hardest moments in my life and I realize that any loss of life was important to me and the world And Donnie could possibly be the last person to die on this earth. I was able to find the discovery that would defeat catastrophic death.

While all this was taking place I helped design the space ship trinity which would go to another planet and rescue the last inhabitant on that Planet.   But my greatest accomplishment was to bring back the essence of our lost Love ones from what we considered death.


I Believe


I Believe in my self

I Believe in the Neothink Society

I Believe in the Twelve Visions Party

I Believe I am a genius

I Believe that I am responsible for everything that Happens in my life.

I Believe in immortality

I Believe that I will NOT die

I DO NOT believe in any outside authority IE: Government, churches

As napoleon Hill stated  “ if you believe you can achieve”



As a neothinker I was able to see thru the ilusion and the dishonesty of this movie.  Again I must thank  Mark Hamilton and doctor Frank  R Wallace.  This movie was about a US Airways captain who had delivered over million people without any incident. This was also the same Sully that landed his US Airways aircraft on the Hudson in New York City. and the greatest feat was that no one was lost or Killed. This captain had thousands and thousands of hours and had delivered millions and millions  of passengers  and as he said in the movie he would be judged for the last 306 seconds of his flying career.


The National Transportation Safety Board was trying to put him at fault, they stated that one engine was completely at the idle position and therefore still had thrust that he could’ve either made it to LaGuardia or Newark international. This was all false because of the cockpit computer and once they raise the engine from the bottom of the Hudson they found out that the engine was no longer in operation right after the bird strike. They had computer simulations that they had tried 17 times before they got it right, as soon as a bird strike happened the computer simulator turned towards LaGuardia Airport and the simulation made it to the airport. Capt. Sully said that he tried to restart the engines and that 35 seconds had elapsed since the bird strike and in his estimation he was too low he had no thrust and he could not make it back to the airport. Since he was a captain he made a decision to land in the Hudson River and thus saving 155 people and not counting how many may have been killed on the ground had he tried to make it to the airport. This is what our government tries to do to individuals this man was a hero however the government agency was trying to portray him as incompetent. When in all reality he was actually a hero, in fact after listening to the cockpit recording it was a decision of the first officer and Capt. Sully that they had done their jobs. It is a shame that our government tries to blame everybody for their accomplishments rather than taking the blame themselves. If you haven’t seen this movie go see it, it will show you how a hero reacts and what our government tries to do to individuals that perform these great feats of heroism.

This government agency was out for blood it was going to try to take away this man’s profession, this man’s retirement pension and discredit him as an incompetent pilot once Capt. Sully put everything into perspective the national transportation safety board was made to look like fools they were.


Commitment to the Neothink society

The dictionary defines commitment as the following:


1.the act of committing.

2.the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.

3.a pledge or promise; obligation:(We have made a commitment to pay our bills on time.)

4.engagement; involvement:

Therefore commitment is nothing more than the agreement between two parties to fulfill or to commit to an agreement. When you ordered your first Neo think book you committed to purchasing the book, paying for the book,and reading the book.

There are many types of commitment. The first is committing to meeting a person at a set time, at a set place, at a set date. I see this happen so often that a person will make this commitment and then show up late or not at all. When I make an appointment with somebody I try to be there at least 15 minutes early. To me commitment  is my word, it is my bond and it is how I conduct my life. As I made this commitment to meet with a individual there only a few things that would cause me to break my appointment.

  1. I am in the hospital
  2. I am in jail
  3. or I am dead or a relative has died.

For me there is no other reason or excuse to miss these appointments. When I make a commitment I understand that it is a time-consuming affair. I will make these meetings as fulfilling and a learning procedure for me and the other person, and perform all Tasks to the best of my ability.


Another commitment is to pay all your bills that you accumulate throughout the year on time, with the exact amount or more if at all possible. The next commitment is when you commit to assume the position in the society, whether it is a clubhouse coordinator, working with members, or even the Twelve Visions party in your state. This is one of the biggest commitments that you will make in your entire life. You are making a commitment to move TVP in your state forward. You make this commitment with the knowledge that you will understand the contract, understand the prime law, and know the platform and the bylaws of the Twelve Visions party. And be able to explain to people what the TVP is about what it will do for them and the world.


My commitment to myself is to move the TVP forward in the state of Arizona and to ensure that I tell everyone about the TVPAZ and introduce them to the Neo think society what it can do for them and what it has done for me. My first commitment is every day to pass out five business cards or as many as I can. I have made a commitment to love everybody in this world whether I agree with them or disagree with their actions. You can make a commitment to yourself either to be the person you are meant to be, or to be nobody in this world. I am sure that everyone on this call can find many other types of commitment to discuss, I only bought up a few that were important to me and my life


In closing you must remember that once you make this commitment you have bound yourself to this decision. Remember people will look at you and judge you on your actions. So if you make a commitment then you must be honest with yourself, honor your commitment, and show the people who you’re dealing with that you are a caring, loving, honest person.

Thank you mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society





Being responsible for everything that happens to you in your life.The only thing that you have never been and will never be responsible for is your conception you had no control over that.Everything else in your life you had control over, even as the baby you had control over everything you did. Have you ever wondered why some babies crawls before other babies, they learned to walk before other babies, and they learned to talk before other babies. This is accomplished because each individual makes their own decisions on when it is time to do something for their benefit. As you can see you are responsible for making all decisions in your life whether they are good or bad.

Most people in today’s world will argue that they are a product of their upbringing that they came from a family who had no morals, no scruples were poor ,and some even believed that they had the right to take anything that they wanted from anybody. This is all poppycock mainly because you the individual will make the decision on how you live your life. You as a person know whether you are committing an act that will harm another individual, property or contract.

You the person will need to make all the decisions throughout her or his life even as a young person most were taught to treat people the way they would like to be treated. I know that I would not like to have somebody swear at me and in the same token I would not swear at them. I also know that I would not like to have my property taken from me and again I would not want to steal from another person. I also know that I do not want to be harmed, nor would I want anybody to harm me or even kill me, therefore I would not even think of killing somebody else except for self-defense to protect myself my immediate family or even another human being. There are some things in life you really have no control over, but you actuality do control these decisions when you’re going to be at a certain place and at a certain time. You make a decision when you will get up in the morning, what you are going to do for the day, what time you’re going to do it, how long you’re going to do something. Again these are all decisions that you make this is part of being responsible for your actions.

Let me try to give you an example let’s say that you decided you needed to go to the store to get something, bread, milk, or any item you decide what you may need.  Here are a few decisions you will make, you can decide whether to walk, if you have a bike whether to ride the bike, or drive your car. These are all decisions that you must make.  Just for the sake of speed you decided to drive your car to the store. Your first decision would be what time to go and let’s say you decided five minutes from right now.  Your next decision may be what store to go to  again this is a decision you will have to make, And for example purposes only you decide to take one of two routes to the store. Again this is your decision and your decision alone the route that you take could put you on a collision course with another vehicle even though this vehicle may be in the wrong, remember you made the decision to take this route therefore you’re responsible for what happens to you even though the accident was caused by another person you chose the route you chose the time you could have picked another route and you could’ve picked a different time. Unfortunately there are a few things that we have no control over and we make the decisions for some of these events. Whether they are right decisions or whether they are wrong   decisions we are responsible for all the decisions in our life from the time we are born.

Let’s just consider a few the decisions that we have made throughout our life that have affected our way of living and our life in general.

We decided what we were going to learn and how much we were going to learn and what kind grades we were going to receive in our schooling. We decided how Much schooling we were going to get whether it was attending a college a technical school or not attending a college or even for some dropping out of high school when you were 16.

Your next major decision was to get a job and you had to make this decision on what you’re going to do with your life, how you are going to work, where you were going to work, what kind of job you wanted to get and what kind of job you could actually do with your skills and training.

Some people would have to make a decision on when to marry, on whom to marry how many kids you are going to have, how many kids you could afford and how many kids you actually wanted.  You will have to make decisions that will control and help, and move your life forward.  But remember these are your decisions and these are your responsibility.  Again remember you are responsible for all decision you make for your life and all actions in your life.  Take charge and make these decision.

Never wait for someone else to make these decisions for you, this includes your mother, your father, all your relations, the churches, and of course the government to include city, county, state and federal.In closing  I myself use  The kiss Principle  (  keep It Simple stupid  ) and use this for all my decisions and I know that I am responsible  for everything that happens in my life. And this decision has made me extremely happy and I have learned to become prosperous with my life.



Public calls and codes

Please send everyone you know to these public call these call are not only for all members in the society, but for everyone in this wonderful world


                                             Public  Neothink calls

  1.  Wednesday  Night   8;pm  Eastern  ( club house Information)
  2. Friday Morning   9:am  Eastern   ( the four pillars)
  3. Sunday Afternoon  2:pm   Eastern   ( Artist  Call )
  4. Tuesday school of genius 7 Pm Eastern
  5. Wednesdays Brown bag Call 1Pm Eastern

Phone     1-206-402-0100     Access Code    256015#

1- 425-440-5100

TVP  Call  Sunday   7:30pm  Eastern

Friday night Essence Call  7 :pm Eastern

PH:   214-384-5247    Access Code  832628#


  1. Virtual club Houses

Every other Saturday   6:30 Pm eastern   (2/9/2013)

PH:    218 – 895 – 0498       Access Code  60848#

2.Every other Sunday 4;30 Eastern  2/10/2013)

PH:  218 – 548 – 1435     Access Code   303265#


  1. Congregation Of Inspiration Noon every Sunday  Code376958#

PH:  1-206-402-0100





thank you mark Hamilton

Testimonial for Mark Hamilton and the Neo think society


Dear Mr.  Hamilton  fist I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting  me into the  Neothink society,  and changing  my life forever.  Before you contacted me  I personally believed that everyone in this world was mean, and evil  and out to get all my money that I worked so hard for,  But your teaching have changed all of that for me  and have made my life quite a lot more enjoyable.  I have come to learn that there a quite a few indivuals who think like the other neothinkers in the society.  I could not imagine every living in any other society but the Neothink society.   The society that we live in now is completely broken and corrupt, and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible, with a new society.   All indivuals should have the right to be happy and prosper, and we can do this by implementation the twelve visions party, today, not tomorrow, not next week but today.   At the present time I must work in the anti-civilization

But when I come home  I’m back in the  sea of the  Universe  and very happy and  content,  again thank you mark Hamilton for all that you have done for me and for the world.




William  J kyle

Power thinking

Introduction to Powerthinking

What is Powerthinking? To understand what Powerthinking is we must first understand a little more about why the Mini-Day System was designed the way it was.

  1. Why did Mark Hamilton design the Mini-Day System the way he did – based on physical movements
  2. “Your Wish Is Your Command” teaches us to use our minds more and more and do less and less physical things
  3. It teaches us that we will do the physical actions because we want to, because it will be fun and enjoyable doing the physical actions, not because we have to do them to accomplish our goals
  4. Our origins begin in the Bi-Cameral Mentality
  5. Our origins are based on physical movements – we are not taught to think, but to act and physically do things
  6. Our origins are based on the how of life which is a philosophy of physical actions not mental actions – this philosophy of the “how” is extremely restrictive and stagnates the minds of everyone it touches!
  7. In short, we come from a physical world that demands that we do the physical actions in order to feel we have accomplished our goals – any other method is not accepted and is frowned upon and discouraged! This type of thinking is the basis of the White Collar Hoax!
  8. What is Powerthinking?
  9. Powerthinking is like dreaming
  10. Powerthinking is dreaming about what you want to have or want to create for yourself or the world around you
  11. Powerthinking is pulling in the future
  12. Powerthinking requires tapping the resources of the “Child of the Past” – you need the imagination of the “Child of the Past” to make Powerthinking work!
  13. As children we thought and dreamed in pictures, that is why many of our childhood dreams and nightmares are so vivid, we were dreaming in pictures
  14. Powerthinking requires that we dream and think in pictures
  15. This is an obstacle we must overcome and we overcome it by practicing (practical application – driving somewhere)
  16. Powerthinking now becomes a Mini-Day in your schedule – schedule it and do it
  17. Now that our minds are in the right place and we understand and believe the “why” of Powerthinking, we can move on to the how, which is easy! Everything we are going to discuss is in the Prime Literature; I didn’t make this us or discover it!
  18. Begin the process with pen and paper in hand
  19. Find a quiet place to relax and think with no distractions – you may have to do this in 5 to 10 minute intervals, whatever works for you
  20. Begin by visualizing the project or item you want as completed, as if you have done everything necessary and the project is completed – see it as it should be in the future
  21. Now begin working backwards from the completed project and write down each physical movement you will have to do to accomplish this project
  22. Let’s break down Member Services which is presently in the Company Capture stage – we know it’s not complete because we are still adding people
  23. The next stage is what – the World Capture – let’s Powerthink the World Capture as we begin the process with visualization
  • We begin by recognizing the present active members – let’s close our eyes and visualize each of them sitting in their homes busily making phone call, encouraging prospective and present NT members alike, filling out tracking reports and getting the Prime Literature in as many hands as possible – is that the essence of the position?
  1. See these people in each state across the US, picture the state they live in and see them actively doing their jobs
  2. Now keep your eyes closed, and picture someone in England answering the phone, answering questions, selling the books and filling out tracking reports
  3. How about someone in Australia? How about China? Are you seeing these people as part of the Member Services Team, doing their essence? That’s visualization!