Power thinking

Introduction to Powerthinking

What is Powerthinking? To understand what Powerthinking is we must first understand a little more about why the Mini-Day System was designed the way it was.

  1. Why did Mark Hamilton design the Mini-Day System the way he did – based on physical movements
  2. “Your Wish Is Your Command” teaches us to use our minds more and more and do less and less physical things
  3. It teaches us that we will do the physical actions because we want to, because it will be fun and enjoyable doing the physical actions, not because we have to do them to accomplish our goals
  4. Our origins begin in the Bi-Cameral Mentality
  5. Our origins are based on physical movements – we are not taught to think, but to act and physically do things
  6. Our origins are based on the how of life which is a philosophy of physical actions not mental actions – this philosophy of the “how” is extremely restrictive and stagnates the minds of everyone it touches!
  7. In short, we come from a physical world that demands that we do the physical actions in order to feel we have accomplished our goals – any other method is not accepted and is frowned upon and discouraged! This type of thinking is the basis of the White Collar Hoax!
  8. What is Powerthinking?
  9. Powerthinking is like dreaming
  10. Powerthinking is dreaming about what you want to have or want to create for yourself or the world around you
  11. Powerthinking is pulling in the future
  12. Powerthinking requires tapping the resources of the “Child of the Past” – you need the imagination of the “Child of the Past” to make Powerthinking work!
  13. As children we thought and dreamed in pictures, that is why many of our childhood dreams and nightmares are so vivid, we were dreaming in pictures
  14. Powerthinking requires that we dream and think in pictures
  15. This is an obstacle we must overcome and we overcome it by practicing (practical application – driving somewhere)
  16. Powerthinking now becomes a Mini-Day in your schedule – schedule it and do it
  17. Now that our minds are in the right place and we understand and believe the “why” of Powerthinking, we can move on to the how, which is easy! Everything we are going to discuss is in the Prime Literature; I didn’t make this us or discover it!
  18. Begin the process with pen and paper in hand
  19. Find a quiet place to relax and think with no distractions – you may have to do this in 5 to 10 minute intervals, whatever works for you
  20. Begin by visualizing the project or item you want as completed, as if you have done everything necessary and the project is completed – see it as it should be in the future
  21. Now begin working backwards from the completed project and write down each physical movement you will have to do to accomplish this project
  22. Let’s break down Member Services which is presently in the Company Capture stage – we know it’s not complete because we are still adding people
  23. The next stage is what – the World Capture – let’s Powerthink the World Capture as we begin the process with visualization
  • We begin by recognizing the present active members – let’s close our eyes and visualize each of them sitting in their homes busily making phone call, encouraging prospective and present NT members alike, filling out tracking reports and getting the Prime Literature in as many hands as possible – is that the essence of the position?
  1. See these people in each state across the US, picture the state they live in and see them actively doing their jobs
  2. Now keep your eyes closed, and picture someone in England answering the phone, answering questions, selling the books and filling out tracking reports
  3. How about someone in Australia? How about China? Are you seeing these people as part of the Member Services Team, doing their essence? That’s visualization!

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