Being responsible for everything that happens to you in your life.The only thing that you have never been and will never be responsible for is your conception you had no control over that.Everything else in your life you had control over, even as the baby you had control over everything you did. Have you ever wondered why some babies crawls before other babies, they learned to walk before other babies, and they learned to talk before other babies. This is accomplished because each individual makes their own decisions on when it is time to do something for their benefit. As you can see you are responsible for making all decisions in your life whether they are good or bad.

Most people in today’s world will argue that they are a product of their upbringing that they came from a family who had no morals, no scruples were poor ,and some even believed that they had the right to take anything that they wanted from anybody. This is all poppycock mainly because you the individual will make the decision on how you live your life. You as a person know whether you are committing an act that will harm another individual, property or contract.

You the person will need to make all the decisions throughout her or his life even as a young person most were taught to treat people the way they would like to be treated. I know that I would not like to have somebody swear at me and in the same token I would not swear at them. I also know that I would not like to have my property taken from me and again I would not want to steal from another person. I also know that I do not want to be harmed, nor would I want anybody to harm me or even kill me, therefore I would not even think of killing somebody else except for self-defense to protect myself my immediate family or even another human being. There are some things in life you really have no control over, but you actuality do control these decisions when you’re going to be at a certain place and at a certain time. You make a decision when you will get up in the morning, what you are going to do for the day, what time you’re going to do it, how long you’re going to do something. Again these are all decisions that you make this is part of being responsible for your actions.

Let me try to give you an example let’s say that you decided you needed to go to the store to get something, bread, milk, or any item you decide what you may need.  Here are a few decisions you will make, you can decide whether to walk, if you have a bike whether to ride the bike, or drive your car. These are all decisions that you must make.  Just for the sake of speed you decided to drive your car to the store. Your first decision would be what time to go and let’s say you decided five minutes from right now.  Your next decision may be what store to go to  again this is a decision you will have to make, And for example purposes only you decide to take one of two routes to the store. Again this is your decision and your decision alone the route that you take could put you on a collision course with another vehicle even though this vehicle may be in the wrong, remember you made the decision to take this route therefore you’re responsible for what happens to you even though the accident was caused by another person you chose the route you chose the time you could have picked another route and you could’ve picked a different time. Unfortunately there are a few things that we have no control over and we make the decisions for some of these events. Whether they are right decisions or whether they are wrong   decisions we are responsible for all the decisions in our life from the time we are born.

Let’s just consider a few the decisions that we have made throughout our life that have affected our way of living and our life in general.

We decided what we were going to learn and how much we were going to learn and what kind grades we were going to receive in our schooling. We decided how Much schooling we were going to get whether it was attending a college a technical school or not attending a college or even for some dropping out of high school when you were 16.

Your next major decision was to get a job and you had to make this decision on what you’re going to do with your life, how you are going to work, where you were going to work, what kind of job you wanted to get and what kind of job you could actually do with your skills and training.

Some people would have to make a decision on when to marry, on whom to marry how many kids you are going to have, how many kids you could afford and how many kids you actually wanted.  You will have to make decisions that will control and help, and move your life forward.  But remember these are your decisions and these are your responsibility.  Again remember you are responsible for all decision you make for your life and all actions in your life.  Take charge and make these decision.

Never wait for someone else to make these decisions for you, this includes your mother, your father, all your relations, the churches, and of course the government to include city, county, state and federal.In closing  I myself use  The kiss Principle  (  keep It Simple stupid  ) and use this for all my decisions and I know that I am responsible  for everything that happens in my life. And this decision has made me extremely happy and I have learned to become prosperous with my life.




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