Commitment to the Neothink society

The dictionary defines commitment as the following:


1.the act of committing.

2.the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.

3.a pledge or promise; obligation:(We have made a commitment to pay our bills on time.)

4.engagement; involvement:

Therefore commitment is nothing more than the agreement between two parties to fulfill or to commit to an agreement. When you ordered your first Neo think book you committed to purchasing the book, paying for the book,and reading the book.

There are many types of commitment. The first is committing to meeting a person at a set time, at a set place, at a set date. I see this happen so often that a person will make this commitment and then show up late or not at all. When I make an appointment with somebody I try to be there at least 15 minutes early. To me commitment  is my word, it is my bond and it is how I conduct my life. As I made this commitment to meet with a individual there only a few things that would cause me to break my appointment.

  1. I am in the hospital
  2. I am in jail
  3. or I am dead or a relative has died.

For me there is no other reason or excuse to miss these appointments. When I make a commitment I understand that it is a time-consuming affair. I will make these meetings as fulfilling and a learning procedure for me and the other person, and perform all Tasks to the best of my ability.


Another commitment is to pay all your bills that you accumulate throughout the year on time, with the exact amount or more if at all possible. The next commitment is when you commit to assume the position in the society, whether it is a clubhouse coordinator, working with members, or even the Twelve Visions party in your state. This is one of the biggest commitments that you will make in your entire life. You are making a commitment to move TVP in your state forward. You make this commitment with the knowledge that you will understand the contract, understand the prime law, and know the platform and the bylaws of the Twelve Visions party. And be able to explain to people what the TVP is about what it will do for them and the world.


My commitment to myself is to move the TVP forward in the state of Arizona and to ensure that I tell everyone about the TVPAZ and introduce them to the Neo think society what it can do for them and what it has done for me. My first commitment is every day to pass out five business cards or as many as I can. I have made a commitment to love everybody in this world whether I agree with them or disagree with their actions. You can make a commitment to yourself either to be the person you are meant to be, or to be nobody in this world. I am sure that everyone on this call can find many other types of commitment to discuss, I only bought up a few that were important to me and my life


In closing you must remember that once you make this commitment you have bound yourself to this decision. Remember people will look at you and judge you on your actions. So if you make a commitment then you must be honest with yourself, honor your commitment, and show the people who you’re dealing with that you are a caring, loving, honest person.

Thank you mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society


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