As a neothinker I was able to see thru the ilusion and the dishonesty of this movie.  Again I must thank  Mark Hamilton and doctor Frank  R Wallace.  This movie was about a US Airways captain who had delivered over million people without any incident. This was also the same Sully that landed his US Airways aircraft on the Hudson in New York City. and the greatest feat was that no one was lost or Killed. This captain had thousands and thousands of hours and had delivered millions and millions  of passengers  and as he said in the movie he would be judged for the last 306 seconds of his flying career.


The National Transportation Safety Board was trying to put him at fault, they stated that one engine was completely at the idle position and therefore still had thrust that he could’ve either made it to LaGuardia or Newark international. This was all false because of the cockpit computer and once they raise the engine from the bottom of the Hudson they found out that the engine was no longer in operation right after the bird strike. They had computer simulations that they had tried 17 times before they got it right, as soon as a bird strike happened the computer simulator turned towards LaGuardia Airport and the simulation made it to the airport. Capt. Sully said that he tried to restart the engines and that 35 seconds had elapsed since the bird strike and in his estimation he was too low he had no thrust and he could not make it back to the airport. Since he was a captain he made a decision to land in the Hudson River and thus saving 155 people and not counting how many may have been killed on the ground had he tried to make it to the airport. This is what our government tries to do to individuals this man was a hero however the government agency was trying to portray him as incompetent. When in all reality he was actually a hero, in fact after listening to the cockpit recording it was a decision of the first officer and Capt. Sully that they had done their jobs. It is a shame that our government tries to blame everybody for their accomplishments rather than taking the blame themselves. If you haven’t seen this movie go see it, it will show you how a hero reacts and what our government tries to do to individuals that perform these great feats of heroism.

This government agency was out for blood it was going to try to take away this man’s profession, this man’s retirement pension and discredit him as an incompetent pilot once Capt. Sully put everything into perspective the national transportation safety board was made to look like fools they were.



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