Ian Scott

This was a presentation that I gave at the Neothink summit in New Jersey on 09/25/2016.  this was my thoughts concerning  Dr. Ian Scott

Hello my fellow Homo sapiens my name is Dr. Ian Scott and I am a scientist my essence is to be a scientist, and I have always wanted to be a scientist. A teacher in the third grade at cheektawawa, at Duncan Grade school let me know that I could do and be anything that I wanted to be. I remember a time when on a field trip with my teacher and her name is miss Annabelle, and as I lay on my back looking up at the stars I realize how vast how huge and how great the universe was. So my career was set, my goals were enormous I considered it my honor and my duty to help eradicate death and to prove that there were other beings in the universe and we were just a small cog in that concept. Oh and by the way along with two other of my classmates I received the Nobel Peace Prize for science. This was an achievement in itself and one of which I was very proud to be the recipient of this great award.

I worked on overlay charts to prove that the universe was conceived by what we call Zons. Computers did almost all of the analysis for me. All I had to do was feed the information into the computer and they would scientifically help me calculate the concepts of the universe. As a scientist I know that we are all energy and that our energy even if we die is in the universe.


I know that to completely eradicate death that our current Political paradigm would need to change and this is where the Twelve vision Party and the prime law would be the catalyst to depolarize our current government.  I would need to discover how to save a person’s Inness into a Quantum Computer and then transfer it into a clone.  This would take many,many experiments to achieve.  My main participant was a young lady name Christina who had a brilliant brain, and was in complete control of her mind.

Due to a catastrophe accident a young boy name Donnie lost his life in a freak accident he drowned when a drain filled up with water and he fell and drown in a few inches of water, this was one of my hardest moments in my life and I realize that any loss of life was important to me and the world And Donnie could possibly be the last person to die on this earth. I was able to find the discovery that would defeat catastrophic death.

While all this was taking place I helped design the space ship trinity which would go to another planet and rescue the last inhabitant on that Planet.   But my greatest accomplishment was to bring back the essence of our lost Love ones from what we considered death.



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