Take action


                                                                   TAKE ACTION IN YOUR LIFE


I have come to understand and accept a few truths in my life.  One of them is that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, whether it is good, or if it is bad.  My thoughts, my feelings, and my actions have created my life.  Oh, I know!  You say, well, what about this, or what about that?  Surely I am not responsible for everything that has ever happened.

No, you are not, and I am not, responsible for every little thing that has ever transpired in the universe.  There are many layers to that philosophical idea, and I don’t mean to get into that today.  But to paraphrase Albert Einstein, he once stated that doing the exact same thing day after day, and yet expecting something different to happen, was his definition of true insanity.  What I mean is take responsibility for thinking about, and noticing, the results which come from those actions that I do perform.  Take responsibility for those thoughts that I allow to circle around and around in my head, day after day, year after year, that perhaps make me feel down, or incompetent, or angry.  And by take responsibility I mean, do something about it.  If it hasn’t worked for me the last two hundred times I thought it, said it, or did it, then change it.  Be bold.  Try something new.  Take responsibility for creating a new reality for myself, if the old one just doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, hasn’t gotten me where I want to go–change it.   

It took me many years to understand this concept, but once I did, then everything fell into place.  I have used many tools to get me out of the rut I used to call my life.    I did not trust people for a long time I believed they were evil, mean and out to take whatever money I had made in my great life. I actually shied away from talking to people I felt that they had nothing important to discuss with me.  I then purchased this book from mark HamiltonMark talked about love and Honesty he deliver everything he promised in his literature.  My biggest break though  was when I meet other  like minded indivuals  who thought like  I thought  and then  everything changed for me

Now I am making money the good, old-fashioned way.  I have started one business, which is well on its way to success, and am currently in the process of starting up another business with one of my daughters.  I have taken the bull by the horns.  I used integrated thinking to discern which business ideas were most likely to be successful, and then used it to lay out a step by step plan to get me from here to there.  I’ve learned that if I wait for someone else to accomplish my goals for me nothing will ever happen.  Expecting the government to help out also means it will never get accomplished.   I know for a fact that I must be the person to initiate the action.

March is traditionally the month when we feel the winds of change blowing.  Make it the month of Change for Your Life.  Be the Change that you want to see.  Create the changes in our world that we need.  Many people are feeling disgusted with the way politicians and bankers and corporations are mistreating everyone and everything on this great planet.  People are starting to wake up and see through the mass illusions spun by television and corporate-bought and paid for newspapers and radio shows that now tell only the “truth we’re allowed to tell,” rather than “all the news worth telling.”  People are realizing that there is plenty of money, if the greedy weren’t taking it all and reaping–or is that raping–all the benefits, while purposely leaving We the People to financially, physically and morally struggle for a few leftover scraps.

I see the need for change in the eyes of so many workers who are not happy with their present jobs.  They are not living the life they were meant to live, they are not given the opportunity to truly be the person they were born to be.  Once all the people are living as who they were meant to be, and creatively working at what they do best, then our country will again be great.  We will start building and creating again, rather than slowly deteriorating.  Right now, most people are working jobs that are going nowhere and producing nothing but stagnation for their lives.  It is time to take back our lives, take responsibility and control.  Become the Self Leader you were meant to be.  There is one other concept that is important to understand here, and that is, accept no initiatory force against your self or against other people.   This is a concept worth exploring in a whole new article.  I’ll leave that for next time.  Know that as a leader, it is your responsibility to make things happen in your life, and that, My Friends, is where all the joy and excitement comes from!  


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