What Neothink has done for me Part 2

The last group that  I really am grateful for are the following  member service reprensative the one and only Steve Fagan whom I continue to call  and  E-mail  again and again until he gave me a chance  to become  a member service representative.  To Martin Fiztpratick, my mentor for member services and whom I consider to be a good friend. To sue Moore and Nellie  Hyse, and Charlie  Moore  my member service  Sisters and  brothers


This is what I have learned about the people that call  member services  they are all searchers and are searching for a better life  one which the Neothink society has to offer.   I have  observed  both the good and evil in people.  There are people who are really appreciative for your time and sacrifice  that you make for the society  and on the other hand I have talked to people who will try to cheat you out of everything that you and the society have to offer, these are the Neo Cheaters  of the world.  I’m always asked what has the society done  for you and has it made you rich.  My answer is yes it has, but not finically,  but I am rich in other ways,  my perceptive for life has changed,  I now enjoy myself my  family  and  friends, I am rich as any millionaire  , for I am now making numerous friend’s who love me because I am me  a value creator  for myself, my Family and the world.   Nellie   stated in her last article that  one of the question that is always asked is why   or how did the society pick me and I  will always respond that I don’t really know how they choose you,  but I’m really glad that they did  pick me.



What neothink has done for me Part 1


My beginning as a Neothinker  the first person that I would  like to thank  for  my beginning in the  NeoThink society would be mark Hamiliton because without his invitation  I would have never  Known  about  this  Wonderful Society.  I received my first Heirloom the  inside Secrets,  and even though I already practice some of these techigunice,  there were still a lot that  I  need to accomplish according to my  mentor  Mark Hamiliton. After the second book I knew that  I needed to meet these incredible people, but was not really sure how to accomplish this feat.  After receiving  the Miss Annabel’s Secrets  I knew without a shadow of a doubt  that I need to meet  these  like minded people Then I remembered in the letter  about member services and to call them if  I needed any assistance , and I really wanted to meet someone from the society, so I called and called and was told that someone would  call me but they never did.


I was really getting frustrated  how ever in December 2009  John Smerk called me and invited me to a club House meeting in  Jan 2010  and now I was going to meet other people that  thought the same as  I thought,  and boy was I really a happy camper when I met  John Smerk ,  Aldolpho  Camacho and              Nick  Molina at that first meeting. And these Individuals are the second group that I really want to thank because without meeting them and becoming friends I would  not have known such love and friendship. From the three I learned that the world was really full of very self  gratifying people.  Most of the people that I knew were ,Evil, Mean, self centered, but not these three they were like a long lost brother that I was united with after many centuries.  I learned, about telemairs, club Houses, the web site and the new political party the  Twelve vision party which we started in march trying to get the State of Arizona affiliated with  the TVPNC which looks like it will be receiving it charter in July or August of 2010.


first testominal

Motivation Statement

What being a member of the Neothink society has done for me it has shown me my true self that I enjoy helping other people thru their problems whether they be large or small also being an information giver to let all the members or want to be members know that the society is the greatest thing in their future and that  it will raise mankind to his next level. I find this to be a fun endeavor and I am a much happier person since I had joined the Neothink society, I especially enjoy the three essence calls we have every week where  I give and also get so much integrations from these calls.  This is fun and this is my FNE


You have a beautiful Day

I Love you

William  J  Kyle


the neothink society

The Kyle family invites our neighbors and Friends of the Neothink society

To a Mexican Barbecue

When:     15 October 2016  12 Noon till we finish

Where:    11034 E Naranja Ave

Mesa Arizona  85209

What to bring:  only your selves, however I will need to know how many people you are bringing to order the meat.   Please respond by 10/10/2016 to either my e-mail mesabill1@outlook.com   or my phone 480-415-4070


Menu:                                                     Drinks

Carne Asada (Beef)                           Ice tea

Chicken Polo                                      Soda’s

Pinto beans                                        Bottled Water

Rice                                                      Beer

Home Made Tortilla                          Wine


Tortilla chips


sincerely    William  J  Kyle